Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time Runners

It was another shitty gray rainy day and a bunch of friends and I was driving around the suburbs in a broke down rusted old Cadillac. In the car it was I, my cousin Ricky, my cousin Jonathan, this Mexican guy who was friends with my cousin Jonathan and these two girls, one was white and the other was Spanish. The Mexican was driving he was a dark hared shifty eyed guy that looked like he had something on his mind and something to hide. My cousin Jon was on shotgun, he was your normal everyday Puerto Rican who loves getting into trouble, hey was small but he love to talk smack. Rick and I were in the back with the girls. Rick and I were the body builders of the group; we were big round and would fuck you up if you looked at us funny. The only difference between the two of us was that in the summer time I got darker and people would mistake me for a black man. So other then that most of the time people just confused us as twice even though we were cousins. The white girl was sitting on Ricks lap, because you know how he likes them white girls. She was this strange skinny white girl with dirty blond hair who was friends with Rosa. Show love to wear booty shorts and tight clothing. I didn’t know her name but truthfully I was more interested in the Spanish chick Rosa who was sitting in the middle between rick and I. she had dark brown hair, light caramel eyes, big ass but with a rack to match and dark almond skin like me, its almost like god wanted to hock up. I was trying to keep my cool, but from her sideways glances and smiles she definitely knew I was checking out then bubbles on that beautiful rack of hers. Anyways, we were on the road driving around when we ended up driving into this apartment complex with a roller coaster theme park directly neighboring it on the left side. Rick shouted, Holly shit son those mother fucker’s got a park next to there crib son, we really need to find a room for the night and sneak into that shit. I’m down, replied Jon. “clado”, said the Mexican. The girls were getting exited to, that crazy white bitch was creaming out the window repeatedly yelling roller coasters, roller coasters. As she was doing this, I was thinking to myself shut the hell up. Rosa just sat back and was like Fuck yes we so need to get a room, coincidentally at the same time she was smiling at me and passing her right hand on top of my left leg, I smiled back but at the same time I was nervous because I think she’s fucking with the Mexican and I didn’t want to hop on his shit, he has been giving me shifty eyes all day, I wonder what his problem is or if he just has a problem with me.
With everyone down with the idea we ended up renting a room on the far left side of the back complex in order to try and sneak in through the back gates of the roller coaster theme park. In the late hours of the night about around 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning we ended up trying to sneak into the park. Before we were about to leave the complex some one gave my cousin Jon a call saying that his Mexican friend was in trouble because someone snitched on him and that both the police and the émigré knew where he was and that they were coming for him. My cousin and I looked at each other for a moment and decided to fuck the theme park and we ran as fast as we could up the stairs to tell the Mexican what was popping off and that we needed to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. Yo we got to get the fuck out of here son said Rick. Ye son, we just got a call saying that both the pigs and the border beaters are coming for you as we speak Mex. Shit said Mex, they found me too fast they must be increasing their numbers. Everyone get your shit together cuz we need get the fuck out of here ASAP.
After we told everyone what was going down we scrabbled to get our shit together before the law came knocking. It was already twenty minutes after five in the morning, the sun was already coming up and we could hear sirens going off and cars screech up in front of the building. We looked out of the window and seen that it was some big shit the Mexican was into because there was a shit load of guys in black suits with big ass guns and the émigré coming in through the front to get the Mexican. We ram out of the apartment and we four guys hid up on the stairs up on the next floor as the girls ran down stairs to distract the émigré and tell them that there was this crazy Mexican man with a gun in their apartment. Yo Mex I said, why did you have the girl run out before us, what if they get booked? Don’t worry J, I already know how this is suppose to go down, so I know how to change it. What do you mean you know how this is going down? Don’t worry about it, in time you will understand all right said Mex, shhh be quiet their coming. As the suits came running up the stairs and into the apartment the girls were told by them to wait out side for their safety. With things going exactly as planed the girls quickly ran to parking lot to grab the whip. Alright this is what’s going to happen said Mex. J after we run down I need you to do your think and log those suits in side the apartment, then you follow right behind us as fast as you can alright, I wall start the car and get everyone in and we will me you out back you got it, I got it I said. As the authorities rushed into the apartment we quickly started down the stairs, as we are running I quickly told my cousin Rick to call the girls instead and tell them to quickly get the car started and bring it around the back entrance to pick us up. As the other guys continued down the stairs, I immediately grabbed the door slammed it shut, locked it and broke off the doorknob with a near by fire extinguisher.
Seconds later I made my way out the back door, across the back parking lot I could see the Mex behind the wheel drive away and Rick, Jon, and the two girls in the back seat yelling for me to hurry up, I dashed across the lot around the car and jumped through the passenger window. The car then sped out leaving tire marks as my legs were still hanging out the window while struggling to get in. As we were speeding around the building out the lot and onto the main road everything stated to distort and speed up as if time and everything was fast-forwarding before my eyes, I didn’t know what was going on, but when I looked over and Mex he had blue sparks building up around him and when I grabbed him the something started happening to me, next thing I know I black out.
What seamed like seconds later, I was in what looked like a New York Bronx apartment building hall and stairway with its strong old smell and tile floor and steps. For the first few seconds after the warp I couldn’t hear anything but what I did notice was that I had a revolver in my hand and that there were two dark hooded guys with guns pointed at me. Not even thinking about it I instinctively wiped up that gun and start pulling the trigger, I don’t know what the fuck is going on but I’m not getting my ass popped off. This was a good idea because after I put two shots into the chest of each guy, I realized that I was in some kind of war shoot out against these hooded guys. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I looked around to see were my cousins and everyone went because last I remembered we were all in a car speeding away from the deportation and the men in black. To my right was an open door to an empty apartment, when I looked to my left there were stairs leading up to the next floor. Half way up the stairs there was this dark haired guy shooting at someone at the top of the stairs, as he turned his head to look back at me I realized that it was fucking Mex who at this time was looking very different with some strange armored suit on, a shit load of guns and he even looked a bit older. I was somewhat getting my hearing back and could make out him telling me to look out, when I looked back to my right there was another mother fucker coming strait for me with a AK-47 and firing it at me like fireworks on the fourth of July. Next thing I knew I started getting these strange instincts as if I knew what to do and they were kicking in to action again only this time at full blast. I jumped forward and did a side ways tuck and roll to the right. Getting back up low on one knee I let off 4 to 6 rounds into his chest point plank as I was creaming for my life and sweat poring down my face and into my eyes. The guy dropped to the floor like a rock and everything got quiet as the gunfire stopped.
What the Fuck was that about, I screamed to myself. Seconds later Mex and my cousins came running down the stairs to see if I was all right. Hey master J are you all right said Mex? What the fuck are you talking about and why are you calling me master J? Master J what are you talking about did you hit your head, said Mex? No mother fucker, last think I remember was we were getting away from some suits and your dumb ass was sparking like a roman candle, wait come to think of is so was I? Ah shit Mex what did you do did you bring back old school J, said Rick. No that’s impossible because I went back to a time where he wouldn’t have developed his time links yet, said Mex. Well he is the mast of linking maybe he was always able to do it and you just kick started his flow when you went back. Fuck we got to get you the fuck out of her if you die here we may all disappear and change our time line.
Moments later we heard more foot steps coming up the stairs, I was out of bullets so I reached in my pocket for more, I didn’t find any but when I pulled my hand out of my pocket I ended up pulling out a hand grenade. As I look at the grenade I though, I think this is a dream so fuck it. So I looked over at my cousin’s and Mex and gave them a big smile; as soon as I did fear came across their face as I pulled the pine out. As they started to run past me and up the stairs I rolled the grenade down the hall and ran right after them. When I got to the top of the stairs they were laying on the floor next to the rail, I screamed at them, Yo get the Fuck up assholes that grenade is right underneath us, as they scrabbled to get up I looked for the nearest open apartment and we all ran in and took cover as the grenade went off and the entire room began to shake like an earthquake. After the ringing in my ear started to go away Mex quickly got to his feet and was creaming for me to get up because you could hear the police sirens coming our way, my cousin’s and I followed the Mex deeper into the empty apartment and down a dead end hall way. Mex asked my cousin Rick to help him move a large box in front of the wall; Mex then started knocking on the wall as if he were looking for something. When he did, he kicked that spot and a secret door way flung open. As we ran in, it lead us to a secret passage way behind the wall, as we were making our escape my vision started to blur and everything was speeding up like the last time. Mex quickly grabbed my arm as blue sparks started to cover his body and crawl onto mine. Before I blacked out the only thing that came to mind was, shit not again.
Smack, like a slingshot I was back in the passenger seat I could hardly hear anything and my vision was slightly blurred but better then the last time this happened to me. Next think I know Mex was shaking me, Yo J you all right son? Ye I think so, I just had the strangest dream, it felt so real. O, ye well put your seat belt on we need to get the fuck you of here said Mex. I looked in the back seat to make sure everyone was in the car. Rick, Jon and the girls were all in the back knocked out, the sun was already going down and I wonder how long I was asleep? About twenty minutes later we stopped at a gas station and Mex wasn’t looking that good. Yo Mex you all right son? Ye I’m fin get the fuck out of the car; I need to show you something. What do you need to show me, I said? Just get out the car and follow me. We got out the car, Mex told the pump buy to fill it up. We walk past the entrance and around the back of the building. Mex quickly grabbed me up and pined me against the wall. Yo what the fuck you doing? What do you remember said Mex, what? I said what do you remember? Remember what I said? You know what I’m talking about, the building in the Bronx your crazy ass throwing the grenade. Hey how do you know about the dream I had? So you do remember said Mex? Remember what? How did you do it? How did I do what? How did you warp with me smartass? I don’t know what your talking about I said? So you don’t know how you did it then, then that means your still not safe, wait right here, I need to Juice up. What you do you mean? What the fuck are you talking about? Just shut the fuck up and chill all right said Mex. Alright I said? Mex walks over to back store generator opens up the high voltage box and rips out the positive and negative cords. What the fuck are you doing, are you trying to kill yourself? Don’t worry J; I just need to Juice Up. He then takes both the positive and negative cords and puts them against his right and left chest, instantly electricity is shot out through the cords and into his body. Now any normal person would be burnt toast at this point, but his Mex guy started glowing like a blue and purple black light. What the Fuck I said to myself. The lights and electricity al around the station started to dim in and out. This went on for about five minutes; ten Mex just pulled the cords off his chest and back into the box with not one burnt mark on him. What the Fuck are you I said. Well master J; I’m what you call a time runner. And what the hell is that? Well in the near future you will develop a new evolution in human history, this discovery will be called time warping, unfortunately the governments military will get a hold of it and us it to try and disrupt the time lines of the past. You will then create and train a group of special people called time runners. We are the people trying to stop the government from fucking up time and Killing you. Kill me, why would anyone want to kill me? Because your master J or lets just say you will be master J, My Teacher the one who thought me everything I know. So what do we do Know? When first we get someplace safe we ditch your cousins and the girls. Hey but wait weren’t they in the future too I said? Yes but they were just freedom fighter, not everyone can warp but the government is quickly finding those who can and forcing them to helm them take over all existing timelines. Where the hell am I in all of this? Unfortunately master J your dead. What? Ye sorry you had to find out this way good think the government only knows how to stage one warp. What’s stage one warp I asked? Well when you stage one warp, you can only warp your mind back and forth in time. Then there are stage two warps, which are trickier and requires for juice, but this stage allows one to warp both their mind and body if they need too. Then there is stage tree, which only one man has been able to accomplish. Who I said? Master J aka you, unfortunately he died before he could teach me. Wait, how many people can do stage two? Well there were two people now there is only I, which is why I have been on the run because the government wants it so bad. Then what do you need me for? Well in truth you are the origin of this technology, so know I must teach you in order to save your life master J.